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Crafting Out-of-the-box Ideas to Simplify Household Activities

Explore clever ideas that can assist in making your life comfortable in many ways around the home. Our quest to focus on convenience has helped us innovate and invent handy household products. We aim to free up the busy lives of people through useful products that are the outcome of our unique, original ideas. Through our innovative approach, we can help in maintaining the aesthetic appeal of your home and making your daily household chores more productive.


Easy Dry products can help in saving and smartly utilising a lot of space in your home. The collapsible mechanism of our products ensure minimum utilisation of floor-space. The smart design of Pull-It helps in using the space just below the ceiling which is otherwise vacant. Similarly, our foldable stands and stools can make sure that they don’t occupy floor space when not in use.


Easy Dry’s user-friendly clothes drying systems and organiser products can be used comfortably by people of all ages. With Pull-It, each pipe can be operated independently, which can make hanging up and pulling down of clothes very convenient. The light-weight, foldable stands and stools can be easily moved around without any trouble. Pulley systems can utilise trapped ceiling heat and ensure faster drying.


Easy Dry’s clothes drying systems are available in various style and size variants. We offer tailor-made designs so as to effectively meet your specific space-utilisation requirements. In case of narrow ceiling spaces, lesser number of pipes can be used in the pulley system. Similarly, a small single pipe can also be fitted in washrooms or other spaces as per requirement.


With Easy Dry, you can rest assured that all the products comprise top-quality materials such as delrin, aluminium, and there is no maintenance required. The use of rope guide in pulley prevents the wear and tear of ropes and ensures maximum rope strength at all times. By incorporating latest technology advancements and with UV rays stabilization, rope quality and material is constantly upgraded.


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