Introducing EasyMatic – the epitome of luxury and convenience in home improvement. Crafted in India, EasyMatic seamlessly blends cutting-edge technology with elegant design, embodying our values of precision, sophistication, and trust.

Seamless Automation:
Bid adieu to pulley systems as EasyMatic’s remote control effortlessly lowers pipes for hassle-free clothes drying, thanks to its powerful motor and auxiliary unit.

Unmatched Single Pipe Operation:
EasyMatic’s pioneering single pipe operation redefines convenience, perfect for modern living.

Durability and Reliability:
As an Indian gem, EasyMatic’s enduring design harmonizes with your home decor.

Empowering Senior Citizens and Futuristic Homes:
EasyMatic lightens laundry burdens for seniors and complements futuristic homes seamlessly.

Warranty for Peace of Mind:
Enjoy exclusive two-year warranty coverage and dedicated customer support.

Step into the Future:
Upgrade your lifestyle with EasyMatic’s modern efficiency and elegance.

Welcome to the future of home improvement with EasyMatic, where luxury meets technology and innovation redefines convenience. Experience drying in style with EasyMatic.

To order EasyMatic, please contact on cc@easydrysystems.com

This Product is available only in Pune Metropolitan Region.

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Additional information

Weight 3 kg

3 Kg


Celling Mounted

Installation Time

120 Minutes for 4 Pipes

Installation Requied


Drying Space

Subject to availability of space

Drying Rods Material

Anodised Aluminum Pipes

Weight Carrying Capacity

Max 6 kg for 2 pipes

Accessories Required

Fabricated Brackets for wall Mounting Purpose




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