4 Clothes Drying Dos and Don’ts: Get Wrinkle-free and Clean Laundry Easily

How you dry your clothes has a direct impact on how they look, how they smell, and even how long they last. Not taking proper care of your clotheslines and not following necessary clothes drying precautions can spoil the quality of your clothes. Consequently, you can end up with clothes that have wrinkles, a damp smell, or are faded.

But what if you could optimise your clothes drying process with some handy do’s and don’ts? Make your laundry drying process a lot more effective by taking smart yet simple measures while drying your clothes on the clotheslines or drying stands.

Here are the top 4 things you should and should not follow while drying your clothes to get fresh and clean laundry always.


Do Keep Your Clothesline Clean

Outdoor clotheslines require regular cleaning to make sure that your clothes are free from stains and dirt. Wipe your clothesline clean using a dry cloth or soak the line in a warm, soapy-water mixture. Make sure to take off the clothespins from the clotheslines when not in use. This can prevent the clothesline from getting rusty and protect your clothes from stains.

Do Invest in a Good Clothes Drying System

A good clothes drying system can be of great importance in making your clothes drying process simpler and efficient. Installing a wall-mounted stand or clothes drying pulley system can ensure smart space utilisation. Also, having a lightweight and foldable floor drying stand can make laundry drying a lot more convenient for you.

Do Hang Your Clothes Properly

Hanging laundry on floor or wall-mounted drying stands properly is quite essential to dry clothes quickly and keep them wrinkle-free. Use a hanger while line drying shirts as this can prevent wrinkles, and make ironing a lot easier. Fold towels or sheets in half and pin them to the clothesline by the corners. Delicates don’t sag when damp and can be placed anywhere on the drying rack depending on available space.

Do Give Clothes a Shake Before Air-drying

Give your wet laundry a good shake before hanging it on the clothesline. This can fluff the fibers of your fresh clothes and prevent them from getting stiff. Shaking also throws out the worries of wrinkles and helps in softening the garment. By unbunching hems and sleeves, it makes sure that the fabric is fully stretched out and thus, dries faster.


1. Don’t Expose Brights and Darks to Direct Sunlight.

Avoid direct, intense sunlight when air-drying your dark or bright clothes as it can break down the dyes used on fabrics. Dry these types of clothes in shade, preferably where the clothes do not receive direct sunlight and there’s better airflow. Using an indoor drying rack or clothesline can help to make your dark or bright garments dry quickly without fading.

2. Don’t Overload Your Drying Stands

Never pile up excess clothes on your floor clothes drying stands or clothesline. It results in wet clothes laying on top of one another and reduces their contact with air. As a result, the clothes may end up smelling musty and take a longer time to dry. Whereas, hanging your laundry separately can speed up the clothes drying process and eliminate the worry of undersides remaining wet.

3. Don’t Hang Sweaters or Woolen Garments

Lay your sweaters or woolen garments on the flat surface of drying stands rather than hanging them on a hanger or clothesline. Using a hanger for such clothes can cause the fabric of the garment to stretch and the garment may even lose its shape. Hanging your sweaters from a clothesline can also lead to saggy shoulders and misshapen sleeves.

4. Don’t Miss Out On Maintaining Good Indoor Airflow

Ensuring good airflow around the wet laundry is quite pertinent when air-drying clothes indoors. Using exhaust fans or dehumidifiers can whisk away moisture inside your house. Turn on a ceiling or table fan in the same room as your laundry or keep the windows open. This can help in maintaining proper ventilation inside your house and accelerate your clothes drying process.

Drying clothes the wrong way can have severe impacts on the quality and durability of your clothes. Buy Easy Dry’s clothes drying systems to make your laundry drying process faster and keep your clothes free from dirt, damage, and fading. Easy Dry’s unique clothes drying stands and systems can help you dry your clothes, both indoors and outdoors in the most convenient manner.