4 Critical Problems Faced by Customers after Purchasing Fake Products

Fake or counterfeit products are amongst the major issues encountered by customers, especially while buying household products. Even though they are comparatively cheaper, these products are extremely inferior in terms of quality and provide much lesser value to customers. As a result, most customers end up regretting their fake product purchases and eventually go on to buy a far more reliable original product.

The most significant problem associated with fake products is unsatisfactory after-sales service. For customers that purchase fake products, getting prompt repair and maintenance services is almost impossible. Duplicate products also fail to provide the desired comfort and convenience through their mechanism. Moreover, with the use of substandard materials, these products do not last long and get damaged very easily.

Following are the most significant problems that people using fake or duplicate products encounter –

Terrible and Substandard Post-sales Service

Fake product manufacturers are aware that they do not offer any significant value to their customers. Hence, they know that their customers are not going to recommend or buy their products ever again. Customer satisfaction and retention are the least of their priorities. Consequently, these fake product manufacturers end up delivering poor after-sales services.

Unlike authentic brands, counterfeit producers are not considerate when it comes to serving their customers. Once the sale is complete, they do not pay much attention to addressing customer concerns. As a result, the customer has no other option but to purchase a new original product that guarantees authenticity and excellent after-sales service.

Delivering Discomfort and Extremely Inconvenient

When buying household products such as clothes drying pulley systems, it is always advisable to buy verified original products. This is because original systems are equipped with a robust mechanism to simplify the laundry drying activity. This makes it easier for people of all ages to hang and pull down laundry from such systems comfortably.

On the other hand, fake clothes drying systems do not have a mechanism that ensures seamless hanging up and pulling down of your laundry. This can make drying clothes pretty inconvenient and tedious. Using such systems on a day-to-day basis can also result in severe shoulder or back pain. Hence, using original systems is essential to make hanging huge laundry piles a lot easier and effortless.

Short-lived Systems and Fragile Utility Products

With fake clothes drying systems, there is always the possibility of the drying rods not being able to bear the weight of the clothes. The materials used in such counterfeit products are of extremely low quality. This could mean the systems don’t last long and become ineffectual in a short span.

The fake versions of home organiser products such as multipurpose trolleys easily attract customers due to their low costs. However, with the use of substandard materials, these products are extremely fragile and prone to breakage. Consequently, the wheels of these fake trolleys fail to handle the heavy weight of cylinders or containers and the trolley becomes inoperative pretty soon.

Failure to Maintain a Clutter-free Home

Having a clean and tidy house is a dream of many people. To make your household chores simpler and keep the home more organised, there are a lot of innovative products available in the market. These products include broom stands, foldable stools, boot stools, wall-mounted clothes drying systems, and much more.

Along with all these unique utility items, there are also many fake products available that look very similar to the original items. However, these fake products lack the essential features and functionalities that make the original home organiser products highly effective. Purchasing such counterfeit organiser items could thus be of no help in keeping your home organised and free from clutter.

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