Easy Dry Systems: Making Your Homes More Spacious and Organised

Owing to economic benefits and growing concerns of space constraints, more and more residential properties constructed today are extremely compact. To make up for this, real estate builders have been focusing on providing the best amenities to attract a large number of aspiring homebuyers. These amenities include facilities such as swimming pools, gardens, walking tracks, play areas, etc. However, there’s hardly any real estate developer thinking about offering amenities that can make housework a lot easier and comfortable for people.

Cost of Living Per Square Foot in Pune

Property values in Pune are increasing at a staggering rate. Especially in the upmarket areas of the city, the increase in property values in recent years has been remarkable. Proximity to various essential and luxurious facilities is one of the main reasons why properties in certain localities are priced much higher than that of properties in other neighbourhoods. According to a recent article by housing.com, these are the average prices of properties in the most posh localities of Pune –

  • New Kalyani Nagar – Rs 13,500 per square feet
  • Erandwane – Rs 13,479 per square feet
  • Shivaji Nagar – Rs 13,228 per square feet
  • Koregaon Park – Rs 12,464 per square feet
  • Boat Club Road – Rs 12,372 per square feet

With such high values for every square foot, it is more important than ever for homeowners to find ways to make smart use of every small space in their house. This is where Easy Dry can be of immense help to you.

Easy Dry – Smart Space-saving Solutions On Offer

We understand how difficult it must be to manage space intelligently in a compact apartment. Not only does it make your rooms look disorganised but also hampers the aesthetic appeal of your home. Wouldn’t it be great if there were effective solutions to these problems of space constraints?

Easy Dry offers a variety of products that can help you in making your home more spacious and organised. With extraordinary ideas, innovative designs and smart mechanisms, Easy Dry’s products have been delivering maximum comfort and convenience to people for 21 years. Here are a few of Easy Dry’s products that can ensure optimal space utilisation and help you maintain a clutter-free home.

1. Clothes Drying Systems

When it comes to drying clothes, traditional clotheslines can take up a lot of space. Hence Easy Dry has come up with a better and more convenient alternative – Pull-It. With a unique and original design, Pull-It makes clothes drying a lot easier and comfortable and saves a lot of space. This clothes drying pulley system makes it possible for the clothes to be hung up near the ceiling, thereby saving a lot of the floor space. Easy Dry’s wall-mounted clothes drying systems and floor stands also save a lot of space with their retractable and foldable mechanisms.

2. Home Organiser Products

Along with traditional clotheslines, brooms lying around on the floor and stools could also occupy a lot of your precious space. That’s why Easy Dry has invented Broomer – a broom stand that will help you keep your broom standing without taking up any floor space. With Easy Dry’s foldable and lightweight Easy Stool, you can make sure that floor space is being utilised only when the stool is needed. Similarly, Easy Dry’s Boot Stool can be used when you are wearing footwear and can be flushed with the wall when not needed.

Are you looking for excellent and innovative products that can help you in smartly utilising space in your home? Easy Dry is the best option for you. We offer a range of clothes drying systems and home organiser products. Our team of expert professionals ensure quality after-sales services and 24/7 customer support. Get in touch with us to know more about the range of Easy Dry products.