Smart Hacks to Dry Laundry Indoors: Keep Your Clothes Smelling Fresh Always

Owing to space constraints and compact homes, most families are compelled to dry their clothes indoors. The unpredictability of weather has also made indoor laundry drying a go-to option for most households. There are a couple of major issues that people face when drying their clothes indoors – Clothes smelling mouldy and taking a long time to dry.

Better air ventilation, utilising trapped ceiling heat, and using compact floor stands can make the clothes drying process a lot quicker and more convenient. Drying smaller loads at a time can also make sure that your clothes do not have a damp smell.

Check out these indoor clothes drying hacks to dry your laundry more efficiently and comfortably.

Maximize Airflow in Your Drying Area

Proper ventilation is essential to avoid dampness and mould when drying clothes indoors. Make sure to keep your windows open so that fresh air circulates throughout your home. You can also hang your clothes near an open window and/or place an electric fan in front of the clothes to ensure they dry faster.

Along with increasing the airflow in the drying area, dehumidifying can also help in drying your laundry quickly. The use of exhaust fans can help in reducing moisture or condensation inside the home. This way, keeping your house well-ventilated can make sure that your clothes dry faster and always smell fresh.

Make Intelligent Use of Trapped Ceiling Heat

Do you need to deal with the laundry of a big family on a regular basis? Does resorting to smaller loads take up a lot of your time and efforts? No worries! You can still dry your clothes indoors faster by making good use of the warm air trapped in your home’s ceiling space.

A clothes drying pulley system can be the perfect solution for families that need to dry huge piles of clothes regularly. With multiple aluminium rods, the pulley system can accommodate heavier loads quite easily. By placing wet clothes closer to the ceiling and utilising the warm air in this area, the pulley system also guarantees quicker drying.

Spread Out Smaller Loads and Rotate When Required

While drying clothes indoors on a drying stand, don’t just pile clothes on one another. Hang your clothes neatly and ensure they are well spread out. Always prefer washing and drying smaller loads so that your clothes drying stand doesn’t get overcrowded. This reduces the drying time and prevents the possibility of musty smelling clothes.

Keep on checking your clothes from time to time. Rotate the clothes around on the stand so that they get even contact with air. Make sure all the hard-to-dry areas of your clothes are getting proper heat and air attention. This ensures that the areas of pockets, underarm areas, cuffs, etc are placed in the best position to dry off properly.

Use a Lightweight and Foldable Clothes Drying Rack

When drying laundry indoors, people always look for the sunniest part of the house so as to dry their clothes faster. However, the amount of sunlight entering a specific section of a house varies throughout the day. While a room may receive plenty of sunlight in the morning, the same room might turn dark and dull in the evening.

Having a lightweight floor clothes drying stand can be quite useful in solving this problem. It can be easily moved around the home depending upon which area is receiving maximum sunlight at a given time. This helps in providing your clothes with adequate sunlight for a longer period of time and they dry at a much quicker rate.

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